What is the use of the Neopixel lightsaber?

First off, yes, you can do some light to medium dueling if needed. The construction of flexible LEDs inside the blade allows for some damage, but we’d suggest avoiding full-on Darth Maul fight scene recreation.

The hilt is made of aluminum, which is a nice weighty feel and shape. It's balanced in such a way that it feels almost like you're holding your own lightsaber. We've heard a few stories of people accidentally breaking objects while they're getting used to it. It's a good idea to keep your lightsaber in its stand when not in use, or at least get used to how much force you're putting into every swing.

No cosplay or collection is complete without a lightsaber. These illuminated blades are the ultimate tool for fighting Sith lords, slicing through obstacles, and waving menacingly at your enemies to intimidate them, but they’re good for more than just battle.

Neopixel lightsabers give you endless configurations for effects like blade scrolling, animations, blaster bolt deflection, unstable blade effects, and more—limited only by your imagination. You can build a fully customizable lightsaber that emulates your favorite Star Wars character or dive into your own fantasy and develop a persona outside canon for a more personalized experience.

Cosplayers and collectors rejoice! Your wildest dreams have come true.

If you're looking for the most advanced lightsaber in the universe, it's time to consider neopixel lightsabers. With these builds, you can get exactly the color and brightness you want from your saber, and change the color on the fly with a custom neopixel controller.

The advantage of these builds is that the individual LEDs can be uniquely controlled for different effects. This gives you way more versatility over standard RGB baselit lightsabers. As for the rest of the build, everything is pretty much the same. The hilt still houses all the electronics, batteries, and soundboards to elevate your lightsaber experience.

If you plan on using your neopixel lightsaber for a cosplay convention or party, you may want to bring backup batteries. Even though they use LED tech, neopixel lightsabers are more power-hungry than RGB lightsabers, so they will drain a battery faster.

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