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Krzysztof G.
Just very very worth

This saber is absolutelly gorgeus with good sounds and also i would recommend that for starters bc of that being kinda budget friendly and also really good for combat

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A good decision: Halo baselit lightsaber.

I am really satisfied with the Halo saber. I think it is an underrated model. Its weight, shape and functions make it the perfect combat saber, combining its practicality with its beautiful weathered design. Beauty and utility at a good price, with impeccable customer service.

Thank you so much for sharing your positive feedback about the Halo baselit lightsaber! and we hope you continue to enjoy your lightsaber battles with the Halo saber!

very good quality

OMG, what an amazing lightsaber, 😍🤯

May the force be with you!!

Darth Revan
Good News and Bad News

My Revan Lightsaber had arrived, and it was mind-blowing, not how I expected it to be. Not how I expected it in both good and not-so-good ways.
It has many colors and effects which I really like and are surprising, and some which I think are quite amazing. But a few which are pretty good but not that great.
But one thing I thought was a bit annoying, was it didn't include any Darth Revan Effects, sounds or colors (Purple). It had many others from other characters, but not Darth Revan

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The lightsaber with the stand is extremely precisely crafted, which you can already see when assembling, so it should be. It was all super packed and there were no scratches on it. So I have wished for it. I am 100% satisfied 👍

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! May the force be with you!!

Anakin EP2
Professional saber

Tip top quality, new color elements am flashed.and much more....Bin still exploring what the part can do everything.hope there are soon more sabers to choose from (joda,COunt Dooku,...uvm)

we're very grateful for your support and your kind words. It's our pleasure to serve awesome customers like you! May the Force be with you!

Gladly again

Mega Lightsaber, am very satisfied 😍 a must for every stsr wars fan

Thanks for your review. long live the empire!!!

very nice lightsaber

It is a very nice saber:) The workmanship is great the metal feels high quality, the thread from the lid is 1A and the sound from the speakers is very authentic.

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Best 99.99 I have ever invested!!!

The lightsaber is really good, the quality is simply masterful. Fighting with it is also fun, for the first time I could play Star Wars properly. I can of course recommend it to others.

Thank you for your fantastic review! We're glad that we could meet your expectations.

quite a punch

allthou everything is good. i had some tehnical issues. my flash on clash switched off... and i actualy can switch it on and off even on 'baselit'. so before you fix saber with hard reset of removing battery, you need to check other options that... the support didnt know of(!). regardless: the n-sabers, is top sabers even for cheaper models - that actualy are 5/5 imho. i love n-sabers!

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The RGB sword Mandolorian

is absolutely great for the offer of 99.00 !
The motion sensor and the impact function are really very good!
The operation is very easy when it comes to the individual functions such as color change, etc etc!

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A faithful companion at many cosplay events

My son uses this saber in the Neopixel variant for his Cal Kestis cosplay. It is since the purchase a faithful companion on many events, like the PotF-Con, the GCC or the Galactic Weekend in the Zoo Münster. I can only recommend everyone to buy such a Neopixel sword from Nsabers, instead of the overpriced, clunky Hasbro swords, with way too quiet sound and a not so nice bright blade.
I for one do not regret investing in this and my other Nsabers swords at all!

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that your son's Neopixel saber has been a faithful companion for him at various events! It's great to know that you find our product superior in quality and value to other options on the market. We aim to offer high-quality, affordable, and user-friendly products, so your positive feedback is very much appreciated.

1st lightsaber

This was the 1st lightsaber I ordered.I was happy with it. Sure it's not the best because it works funny but ey, it's an RGB. So finally to the others, go carefully around.

We're thrilled to know you're enjoying our RGB. May the force be with you!!

Most beautiful lightsaber!!!

This saber has appealed to me the most of all. Many loving details , very good workmanship. There are no sharp edges. Everything looks high quality. Through the 2 buttons very easy operation and through the sd card and Bluetooth countless customization options.

Thank you so much for your glowing review! We're delighted to hear that you find our lightsaber to be of high quality and easy to operate.

Anakin EP2
Thomas G.

I have been wanting this saber since I seen it in Episode 2. But didn’t want to have to have keys to remove/install blade. So I saw a YouTube video that had this saber and nsabers made it so the tension screwed was built on the saber

We're thrilled to hear that you finally got the saber you've been wanting since Episode 2! We take customer feedback seriously and are always working on improving our products to make them more user-friendly.

Best neopixel on a budget

I got into sabers when I visited galaxy’s edge on disney cali and got my first saber the maul shadow but that thing is crap and that time i made that purchase through my hype seeing a lightsaber. Since i grew on obsession for another saber I’ve made some research on lightsabers on my own and oh boy i found this site(funny cuz even my friend know this reputable site for sabers) and look around then the mandalorian from the caught my eye for it. I was intentionally going for a baselit since im on a budget but i ask myself i did a stupid purchase on galaxy edge anyway so why not give a chance on neopixel version? And no regrets to the day ive received the saber and played around a bit its fun and awesome looking for a $200 neopixel lightsaber even better than my galaxy’s edge saber compare to it this saber is 100x better.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our product! We're delighted to hear that you're enjoying your new neopixel Mandalorian lightsaber.

Ahsoka SE
Cosplay Event

Took this to a cosplay event. Got a lot of compliments. It's durable and looks great. Worth the money.

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Highly Satisfying

Impressed with the tech in this lightsaber. Well-designed. If you're into gadgets, you'll like this.

Thank you for the glowing review!

Ahsoka SE
Family love

Got one for my grandson and one for myself. It's a fun way to spend time together. Good quality for fans of all ages. I also do a unboxing video with it. OMG love it so much

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that both you and your grandson are enjoying your new lightsabers. It's heartwarming to know that our products are helping create special moments for families to share.

Ahsoka SE
Worth Saving

Saved up for this and wasn't disappointed. Comfortable grip and customizable features. Happy with my purchase.

We're thrilled to hear such good feedback, and we're committed to continuing the high standard of lightsaber

My Dream

I've been a Star Wars fan for years. This lightsaber is a quality item. Feels good in the hand and looks authentic.

We're so glad to hear that your new lightsaber has lived up to your expectations as a long-time Star Wars fan! It's important to us that our products resonate with fans by delivering on both quality and authenticity.

Ahsoka SE
Kid approved

Bought this for my son's birthday. He loves it so much.The lights and sounds are a nice touch. Good purchase.

Glad to learn that your son love it so much. May the force be with you !!

Childhood dream !

Luke is my absolute favourite character and I always wanted to have this saber.I finally have this high-quality saber in my hand!

We are committed to making our customer dreams come true. May the force be with you!!

Luke EP6

I am thrilled. Even the basic version convinces with its very good workmanship.

We appreciate your wonderful feedback! We're here to provide the best quality of lightsabers

Super lightsaber

In terms of quality, it's a super lightsaber with multiple colours and different sounds

Thank you for the glowing review! We're so happy you're satisfied with our cool lightsabers