The New Era: Young Jedi Adventures

Hey there, fellow space adventurers! There's a new show in town that's all about young heroes learning to swing lightsabers and tap into the cosmic energy that binds us all. It's a fresh start, a new era, and our young heroes are taking the lead.

Back in Time

This story takes us back to a time when the galaxy was at peace, and the Jedi were the guardians of that peace. It's a chance to see what life was like before the big battles, back when the Jedi were at the top of their game.

Meet the Heroes

Our story is all about a group of young heroes. There's Nash, a hotshot pilot who's always ready for action. Lys and Nubs are Nash's best buds, and they've got a special connection to the Force. Guiding our young heroes are RJ-83, a trusty droid, and a wise Jedi Master who's seen it all.

neopixel lightsaber

Becoming Guardians

Our heroes aren't just learning to swing lightsabers. They're learning about life. They're learning about compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, and patience. They're growing up, facing challenges, and figuring out how to keep the peace in the galaxy.

The Adventure Begins

The show hit the ground running and quickly became a hit with the young crowd. The first season has 25 episodes, and each one is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, adventures, and life lessons. The show even got a nod for its outstanding achievement in children's programming. How cool is that?


So, here's the deal. This new show isn't just another animated series. It's a story of hope, adventure, and friendship. It's a chance for a new generation to experience the magic of the galaxy and the wisdom of the Force. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for an epic adventure. The journey is just beginning!

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