Ahsoka: A Refresher on the Journey Before the New Series Begins

The Dawn of a Heroine

 Ahsoka's tale begins in the epic narrative, "The Grand Struggle". Here, she is introduced as the apprentice to the renowned warrior, Anakin Skystrider. Their bond, however, is put to the test when Ahsoka is falsely accused of causing a disaster at the Temple of Harmony. After the real culprit is unmasked, Ahsoka chooses not to rejoin the Harmony Order, a decision fueled by their initial lack of faith in her.

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The Crystalis Confrontation

Following this, Ahsoka finds refuge in the lower echelons of the capital city, forming a close bond with sisters Trace and Rafa Martez. As fate would have it, she is later called upon to aid the Harmony Order in their mission to reclaim the kingdom of Crystalis from the dark sorcerer, Maul. The infamous Directive 66 is executed amidst this, turning her comrades against her. Despite the odds, Ahsoka manages to escape with the help of Captain Rex, who bravely defies the directive.

Malakar and The Dimension Between Realities

 In the ensuing chapters, Ahsoka assists Kanan in training Ezra in the ways of magic while continuing her fight against the Dark Empire. Her journey eventually leads her to the cursed land of Malakar, where she discovers that Anakin has transformed into the feared Dark Knight, Vader. A fierce duel ensues, leaving Ahsoka seemingly defeated. However, in a twist of fate, Ezra rescues her from the "Dimension Between Realities", a mystical realm that connects every point of time and space in their universe.

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Meeting The Mandalorian

As her journey unfolds, Ahsoka crosses paths with Din Djarin, known as the Steel Guardian. She declines to train the magic-sensitive child Grogu, asserting that she is no longer a member of the Harmony Order. She aids Djarin in liberating the planet Corvus and engages in a duel with its ruler, Lady Elsbeth. Later, she appears at the Temple of Harmony on Ossus, reuniting with Djarin and Vader's son Luke, who is training Grogu in the ways of magic.

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