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Shop Neopixel Lightsabers from Nsabers and experience the finest custom lightsabers available. From durable blades and amazing sound effects to super bright LEDs and quality craftsmanship, these lightsabers are built for battle. To create a quality lightsaber that is safe and easy to use for entertainment and cosplay.

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Sabine Lightsaber | Ezra Bridger Lightsaber | NsabersSabine Lightsaber | Ezra Bridger Lightsaber | Nsabers
Sabine / Ezra Weathered
Sale priceFrom $469.99
Save 22%
Shin Hati Lightsaber | Shin HatiShin Hati Lightsaber | Shin Hati
Shin Hati
Sale priceFrom $449.99 Regular price$577.00
Baylan Skoll lightsaber | NsabersBaylan Skoll lightsaber | Nsabers
Baylan Skoll
Sale priceFrom $449.99
Darth Malgus Lightsaber | Embrace the Legendary Sith PowerDarth Malgus Lightsaber | Embrace the Legendary Sith Power
Darth malgus (damaged)
Sale priceFrom $349.99
Save 33%
Ronin Lightsaber | NsabersRonin Lightsaber | Nsabers
Sale priceFrom $469.99 Regular price$699.00
Save 48%
Ahsoka Lightsaber Special Edition 2023 | NsabersAhsoka Lightsaber Special Edition 2023 | Nsabers
Ahsoka SE
Sale priceFrom $129.95 Regular price$250.00

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Premium Warranty

We are confident to offer our customers 12 months warranty. That is how we know you will be satisfied when buying from us.

Changable Colors

Ultra bright color to swap with the adjust knob. Choose any character you want.

Neopixel Technology

Our lightsabers can be used to create dynamic LED and cinema effects in real time.

Gesture ignition & Smooth swing

Realistic sound effects synchronized with movements and impact.

Flash on Clash

Briefly change lightsaber blade color and make realistic sound when hits something.

Resistant polycarbonate blade

Removable Polycarbonate blade with light defusing finishing. Made for any combat.

Anodized Aluminum Hilt

Crafted from solid aluminum alloy, this hilt is durably designed to withstand the harsh consequences of lightsaber combat.

Lightsaber Dueling

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Who is Nsabers

At Nsabers, we specialize in providing high-quality lightsabers at an affordable price for every fan. Our focus is on neopixel lightsabers, which feature super bright LEDs and advanced soundboards for a realistic and immersive experience. We offer a wide range of options with frosted aluminum alloy hilts from unique designs to iconic replicas.