How long is a lightsaber blade?

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with Nsabers, the leading online beacon for high-quality lightsabers inspired by the legendary SW saga. Whether you're a fierce duelist, an avid collector, or a creative soul looking to infuse your videos with the authentic essence of the galaxy, Nsabers' comprehensive line of lightsabers brings your favorite SW characters' weapons to life. Let's explore the craftsmanship and innovation that make our lightsabers a must-have for enthusiasts across the stars.


The Optimal Lightsaber Length for Galactic Duels

In the artful dance of lightsaber combat, where every move must be precise and perfectly balanced, Nsabers is the master craftsman of this ancient tradition. We've honed our craft to offer you three elegantly crafted blade lengths—77cm for agility, 82cm for the perfect harmony of form and function, and 92cm for reach and power.

Our dedication to the warrior's way has led us to a profound discovery: the 82cm blade, a length that embodies the zenith of dueling excellence and resilience. This isn't just a measurement; it's the key to unlocking a lightsaber's true potential, transforming it into an extension of your essence, sharpening your instincts, and elevating your prowess in the heat of combat.

A Galaxy of Colors at Your Command

Whether you're drawn to the tranquil greens of wise Jedi Masters or the vibrant purples that speak of bravery and distinction, Nsabers ensures your lightsaber will be an extension of your own epic story. For those whose spirits cannot be bound to a single color, our neopixel lightsabers are designed with an innovative color-changing mechanism, offering you a palette of 12 captivating colors—ranging from the noble blue of Luke Skywalker to the ominous red of Sith lords, and every enchanting shade in between. Beyond color selection, experience the thrill of dynamic features like Flash on Clash and two-color pulse, bringing your lightsaber duels to life with cinematic realism.

Core Choices for Every Lightsaber Enthusiast

At the core of each Nsabers lightsaber lies the heart of its power. We offer three core options tailored to your needs and preferences:

Baselit: Robust and reliable, the Baselit core is engineered for those who live for the thrill of the duel. It combines durability with luminous brilliance, ensuring your lightsaber is always battle-ready.

Neopixel: For those seeking visual magnificence, the Neopixel core lights up your lightsaber with stunningly vibrant colors and effects, which are ideal for decoration or capturing cinematic moments.

Proffie: The pinnacle of lightsaber technology, the Proffie core is for the true connoisseur. Offering unparalleled customization is the core of choice for those who demand the ultimate quality and personalization.

Embrace the Legacy with Nsabers

Nsabers doesn't just provide lightsabers; we offer a gateway to the SW universe with a complete line of products inspired by your favorite characters. From the heroic gleam of Luke Skywalker's blade to the menacing glow of Darth Vader's red lightsaber, our collection invites you to wield the legend.

With Nsabers, stepping into the shoes of SW icons has never been easier. Our lightsabers, featuring adjustable colors and dedicated cores like the Baselit for dueling or the visually captivating Neopixel lightsaber, ensure every fan can find their perfect match. Dive into our galaxy of options and let your SW journey begin.

Discover your ideal lightsaber today at Nsabers. Whether you're drawn to the art of the duel, the allure of Neopixel lightsaber brilliance, or the desire to hold a piece of the galaxy in your hands, your adventure awaits. May the Force guide you to the perfect lightsaber, colored by your spirit and ready for the stars.


What is the optimal length for a lightsaber blade for dueling?

The optimal lightsaber blade length for dueling is 82cm. This length offers the perfect balance of agility and reach, making it the ideal choice for beginners and seasoned duelists.

Can I use my Neopixel or Proffie for dueling?

Yes, neopixel and proffie lightsabers are designed for safe and comfortable use in dueling and combat scenarios. However, they are still delicate electronic devices that require proper care and handling to prevent damage.

Can two lightsabers be combined into one?

Lightsabers can be connected with a lightsaber coupler. However, it is available for some specific types; in the best case, you could ask us before you purchase.

Which colors are included in the lightsaber?

There are 12 colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between

How bright is the Neopixel lightsaber?

The neopixel lightsaber has LED lights inside that can emit Superbright 50W lights to create a Viral Video.

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